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Arctic Krill  

Arctic Krill


Arctic Krill pasta prikladna za hranjenje svih vrsta tropskih riba.

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Arctic Krill chips is a special pasta with arctic (from the Arctic) krill, suitable for powering all tropical fish. A new production process makes it possible: no more freezing! Quality food that does not need to be frozen. For example, vitamins and minerals are better protected, and this will not be lost by freezing or thawing. This makes it easier to perform because the feed needs to be no longer be kept in the freezer and can be fed directly without rinsing. No danger of thawing has occurred with spoiled food as a result. Introduce in the form of a paste, fish will appreciate the fine structure! The pastes are suitable for all types of Discus and can be fed daily. Discus Food pastes contain valuable natural nutrients, all essential nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. The power supply can be used as additives or as a complete feed. Complete food for all discus fish Content: 600 or 1200 mL Packaged in a resealable jar! ingredients: Ingredients : Arctic krill (31%), wheat flour, wheat protein, salmon oil, corn, shrimp, yeast, calcium diphosphate, beta glucans Aditieven: Vitamins: Vitamin D3 (E671) 740I.E., vitamin E (all-rac-α than tocopheryl acetate), 100 mg, vitamin C (such as ascorbyl monophosphate) 150 mg. trace elements: E1 (ferrous sulphate monohydrate) 24 mg, E2 (potassium iodide) 0.3 mg, E3 (Cobaldsulfat heptahydrate) 0,17mg, E4 (copper sulfate pentahydrate), 3 mg , E5 (manganese oxide) 31 mg, E6 (zinc oxide) 30 mg, E8 (sodium selenide) 0.15 mg. Analysis: crude protein 42.1%, crude fat 11% crude fiber 2.8%, ash 8.2% Nutrition : Several times a day in small portions spread out in the water - not to feed much!